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 Combat, Experience, Gold, and Beasties Info!

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PostSubject: Combat, Experience, Gold, and Beasties Info!   Sun Feb 24, 2008 7:49 pm

Welcome to the Baby Steps! Here I'll start you off with a quick explanation of the rules, regulations, guidelines, combat, and reward system!

Combat is fairly simple! Simply decide what beasties or beast you choose to lay claim to and begin your topic name as "Your Name's #st(nd,rd) Encounter against Beasties or Beast Here". Example: "Kelmier's 556th Encounter against Twenty Great Wyrm, Red Dragons". The opening post will have you posting the monster's stats that you will copy from here and other beastiary posts concluding with a "Rolling Initiative" status. When you say this, you can give others you want to participate a chance to roll initiative and you yourself roll initiative. To do dice rolls, find the dice roll button above the typing area of the body message. It is to the right of the "Others" button and looks like a die.
I'm now going to break down the combat sequences.

Rolling Initiative: At this time, you and the other players should roll dice, doing it how I explained earlier but this time after the code I want you to put your initiative modifier beside it. For example, "{roll="D20"}{/roll}+7" Which comes out to rolling a D20 and then my reference of +7. After you roll initiatives for yourselves roll initiatives for your monsters by doing the same thing. After determining initiative, post a list of who's going in initiative order. Example:

"Initiative Order List"
1. Kelmier
2. Great Wyrm, Red Dragon 1
3. Great Wyrm, Red Dragon 2
4. Great Wyrm, Red Dragon 3
5. Great Wyrm, Red Dragon 4
6. Great Wyrm, Red Dragon 5

Combat: After determining initiative, roleplay as usual! Don't forget to do your dice rolls versus their AC and their dice rolls versus your AC. If a dungeon master believes you did not make the monster put up a good fight, the experience will not be awarded to you. Example: "Kelmier slashes away at the dragons and the dragons stand their and die without swinging back. Dungeon Master rules that Kelmier was not roleplaying the dragons correctly and is therefor not rewarded experience. The name of the game is last one standing, and niether the players or the monsters are going to give up without a fight. For determining distances, begin all encounters 200 feet away from each other. After combat, end the encounter post with

Gold, Experience, and Items: When roleplaying, constantly be telling what you are using at all times. If magic items give you buffs, please list them on your player info. Remember your playerinfo is the equivalent of your character sheet.

Stats and AC: Starting Level is 4. You determine those! This forums runs on 36 point buy system. Although you have freedom to alter your character, the admin as well as the dungeon master will be checking on them frequently.

NPCs and You: NPCs in essence can be played but at the same time, cannot be. What I mean is, lets say you are fighting a monster you cannot handle, you guys bit more than you could chew, you could roleplay that a daring hero came in, slayed the creatures, and saved you. The only problem is this. If such a cameo or event comes to be, then the battle is forfeit and no experience or gold is awarded, but the bright side, is your character is still alive! NPCs can be created easily for this lovely little savior, but it cannot be abused when roleplaying a fight between other players. Be warned though, these NPC cameos are "save my ass" buttons and cannot be used on campaign fights, boss fights, or event fights. Cameos can happen at most, once a week.

Character Death: If an encounter does result in your character's death, all is not lost, there is a forgiveness policy all my "Clerics" can help with. You get one free ressurection without penalty. After which, you can inform the DM and he'll erase your character sheet for you to start over.

Encounters that are approved will have a next to it.
Encounters that are not approved will have a next to it.
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Combat, Experience, Gold, and Beasties Info!
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